Fixing the Los Alamos Public School funding problem is a big, complicated, and political issue but it is not insurmountable.  Increasing the community’s understanding of the issue is a good first step.  The reality is that current funding is not providing the quality of public education that meets community expectations.  We understand our school district to be one that is operated efficiently without much fat to cut.  Therefore, one of two things need to happen — either we find a way to improve funding or we downgrade our community’s expectations for K-12 education.

Save Our Schools Los Alamos believes that continued high quality education makes good sense for our children, for the success of the Lab, and for the long-term health of Los Alamos.  We believe that the town of Los Alamos — its prosperity, vibrancy, property values, and long-term future — will rise or fall along with the quality of the public school system.

School funding is a political issue in that the New Mexico State Government determines the level of funding received by Los Alamos and every other district in New Mexico.  The majority of education funding comes from the State; State politics are complicated; and Los Alamos is just one district out of many.  We at Save Our Schools Los Alamos do not think we can influence the New Mexico State Government on the overall amount it provides for education funding.  We also think we can not influence the State funding formula in order to drive more State money to Los Alamos.

Despite these constraints, we do see several possible solutions to the school funding problem in Los Alamos.  We accept our lack of influence over State funding and instead seek to address our local issue at the local level.  Read more about these ideas under the sub-menu tabs of Local Solutions, Lease Income, Grants/Donations, and Other.  Learn how other communities address education funding under Media about Solutions.

If you would like to help Save Our Schools Los Alamos or find out more information, please contact

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