The attached articles provide information related to Local Funding Issues:

Coming Soon

  • How does Los Alamos public education funding compare to other districts in New Mexico?
  • LAPS enrollment versus funding history and forecast
  • LAPS expenses — where does the money go now?  How does this compare?
  • LAPS enrollment versus staffing trends
  • Teacher salaries and cost of living comparisons — can LAPS teachers afford to live in Los Alamos?
  • The interpretation of state legislation by the New Mexico Public Education Department regarding local jurisdiction support of education funding
  • How school districts in other States support public education funding with local funds
  • Court rulings for Home Rule in other States
  • Property Taxes in Los Alamos and how they compare to other NM counties and other “like” communities in the U.S.
  • Los Alamos County vs. LAPS revenue comparison
  • More …

Media About Local Funding Issues

The following links will take you to articles related to local funding issues.  If you know of an article that should be included in this space, please send an email with a link to the article to saveourschoolslosalamos@gmail.com.  The views expressed in these articles are not necessarily shared by members of Save Our Schools Los Alamos.  They are provided to inform and provoke discussion only.

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