SOSLA Articles

10-13-2013 LA Daily Post:  Education 101:  Introduction

10-20-2013 LA Daily Post:  Governance of K-12 Education

10-27-2013 LA Daily Post:  LAPS Five Year Forecast & Its Implications

11-3-2013 LA Daily Post:    Who Pays for K-12 Public Education?

11-10-2013 LA Daily Post:  What the Vote in Colorado Means for Los Alamos

11-17-2013 LA Daily Post:  How New Mexico Compares to Other States in K-12 Funding

11-24-2013 LA Daily Post:  SOSLA Conversation with PED Deputy Secretary Aguilar

12-01-2013 LA Daily Post:  SOSLA Meets with PED Deputy Secretary Aguilar

12-07-2013 LA Daily Post:  Federal Funding

12-15-2013 LA Daily Post:  On the Backs of OurTeachers

12-22-2013 LA Daily Post:  Los Alamos Public School Foundation Created to Supplement K-12 Funding

1-19-2014 LA Daily Post:    The 2015 Budget Proposals for K-12 Education in New Mexico

1-26-2014 LA Daily Post:    Community Values and K-12 Funding Decisions

2-2-2014 LA Daily Post:      Class Size:  Does it Matter and How Much Does It Cost?

2-23-2014 LA Daily Post:    The 2015 New Mexico State Budget, After Fight, Benefits K-12 Education

3-2-2014 LA Daily Post:      LAPS Administrative Costs

3-16-2014 LA Daily Post:    Budget Committee Starts Work on 2015 Budget

3-23-2014 LA Daily Post:    New Lawsuit Questions Sufficiency of New Mexico Education Funding

4-20-2014 LA Daily Post:    Now is Time to Talk Class Size

6-1-2014 LA Daily Post:      School Board Passes Budget that Reflects Community Standards for Class Size

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