Save Our Schools Los Alamos consists of members of the Los Alamos community that are committed to seeing the tradition of quality public education in Los Alamos continue for the long run.

We believe that providing a quality education to the children of Los Alamos is a core community value.

We believe that the future of Los Alamos depends on a quality education being available to residents.

We believe that Los Alamos County should have the right to fund Los Alamos public schools in whatever way it chooses to and we will work to see that right realized.

We believe the Los Alamos community needs to come to terms with the current disconnect between education funding and community values.  We want to encourage this understanding by providing information about the situation and encouraging community members to participate in the discussion.

Save Our Schools Los Alamos is operated by a Working Group that oversees and implements day-to-day operations.  The Working Group benefits from guidance from the Advisory Group, a group of community members that provide insight and feedback on strategic issues.

If you would like to help Save Our Schools Los Alamos or find out more information, please contact saveourschoolslosalamos@gmail.com.

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