The excellent education provided by the Los Alamos Public School District over many decades is at risk due to funding shortages.

For the 2013-14 school year, funding from the State of New Mexico and the Federal Government was about three million dollars less than budgeted operating expenses.  Los Alamos Public Schools used revenue earned from its lease business to cover the three million dollar gap.  And even though it met its operating budget, funding negatively impacted some customers (I.e. students and parents) of school services this year with, as an example, overly large class sizes in several of the elementary schools.

The annual gap is expected to grow in coming years due to continued inflation-erosion of federal contributions, declining enrollment, expected retirements of experienced teachers, and increasing costs; it’s not clear how or if the gap will be funded.  Decisions about what to fund and what to cut will likely become a frequent conversation in the community going forward if funding does not improve.  Yet, despite the importance of education to the community, many if not most in Los Alamos have only a vague understanding of the funding issues.  The Los Alamos community is ill prepared to deal effectively with this critical issue.

A group of concerned citizens has formed an organization — Save Our Schools Los Alamos.  The goals of this organization are to provide relevant, non-partisan, and sourced information to citizens in order to facilitate effective, fact-based community discussion on this issue; and to identify and implement solutions to solve the funding crisis.  We seek to work with the Los Alamos School District, School Board, County, State and Federal Governments, and any other interested community members to achieve our goal of a K-12 school district that meets community expectations.

This website is created to provide the Los Alamos community with easy access to information about education funding as well as to create opportunities for us all to share ideas and comments.  If you would like to help Save Our Schools Los Alamos or forward a comment, please email saveourschoolslosalamos@gmail.com.

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  1. I am interested in the current position of Save Our Schools Los Alamos referencing the Jan. 19, 2014 article by Carol A Clark’s “Education:101…” . In lieu of the VAM debacle state-wide and very recent budget reallocations such as the one announced by the Taos school district today what is the position of this organization now?

  2. You may want consider other forms of education occurring in Los Alamos in addition to the funding from the state. For example, what do the lab programs for students, home schooling, the Y, or the nature center contribute to the variety and quality of education available here?

  3. I am finding your Education 101 essays in the Los Alamos Daily Post very informative. I’d like to learn more about the organization and the leaders behind it. Please send me an email.

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